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What to do in Marbella

What to do in Marbella

We have now been non-resident apartment owners for 3 years in Marbella. We have two kids and constantly try to find new events in Marballa and the local area that we can explore and recommend our guests to get the most out of their vacation stay.

Please add and recommend events that we are still lacking to explore.

/Philip Knudsen

Selwo Aventura

Kids activities in Marballa Posted on 10 Oct, 2017 18:24:31

Everyone will go to Selwo parks with their kids. A good ½ day activity.
45 min drive from Marbella.

Address: Autovía A-7, Km. 162.5, 29680 Estepona
Opening hours: 10-18


Google map (link)


Kids activities in Marballa Posted on 10 Oct, 2017 18:11:44

We found two good Minigolf places. Best one is in Fuengirola: Fuengirola Adventure Golf. Family depending on your skills will take 1½ – 2hours for all 18 holes. Easy parking and right off A7 in Fuengirola.

Address: Fluvial Park, 29640 Fuengirola

Google map (link)

Phone: +34 951 26 00 67 (but you don’t need booking in advance)

Opening hours: 12-20 (but you need to start at 19.00 latest)

Prices: Adult: 8.50 euros ; Kids: 6.00 euros ; Family ticket: 24.00 euros


The other Minigolf is smaller and less advanced: Playa Mini Golf in Benalmadena.

Address: Parque Sta. Ana, 37700 Béjar
Google map (link)
Opening hours: 10.30-01

Aventura Amazonia Elviria

Kids activities in Marballa Posted on 09 Oct, 2017 08:56:15

If you kids are min. 4 yrs (and for adults) then this is a great activity close to Marbella.

The park is at the Elviria exit, at the kilometre point 191 of the A7 highway.

AVENTURA AMAZONIA MARBELLA has a total of 83 challenges in the trees and 20 ziplinesdistributed over 6 adventure circuits: MiniKids, Kids, Explorador, Jungla, Aventura and Deportivo, and 3 training circuits. You can also launch yourself on the longest treetop zipline in Andalusia, an amazing 240 m. in length.

The Minikids course counts with many adventure games, manual arts, zipline and a climbing wall for kids between 4 and 7 years old. For those families that want to enjoy Aventura Amazonia junior and adult courses while we look after the kids, please check schedule and availabilty.

Google map link to Aventura Amazonia

Link to Aventura Amazonia website

Zoo de Castellar

Kids activities in Marballa Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 21:12:24

This is no.1 priority for the kids. I have never been to a zoo where you get this close and interactive with the animals. They once had a white baby tiger which you could stroke. Last time a baby panther.
Not a commercial place like Selwo parks.

About 1 hour from Marbella – but worth the ride.

Expect to spend 3-4 hours there.


Opening hours: 10-20

Butterfly park Benalmadena

Kids activities in Marballa Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 20:59:20

The park is very small. But it is very interesting – for both kids and adults. But expect to spend 1-2 hours max.
I was so lucky that one of the big butterflies landed on my nose.
It is not cheap taking the size of the park into consideration. But perfect on a rainy day.


Crocodile park

Kids activities in Marballa Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 20:54:26

The kids like it. But I like it even more! Good entertainment for all ages. The kids can even have photo holding a crocodile baby. It is not a big park. Expect to use max 2 hours there. It is right next to the water park. So could be combined.

Opening hours: 11-17

Costa Jump – a good place for kids on a rainy day

Kids activities in Marballa Posted on 03 Oct, 2017 23:14:09

Kids between 6-16 will love it. But one hour is enough. But batteries and energy are out after one hour. Adults can join or sit and watch from cafeteria above.

5 min from San Pedro exit.

Prices: 12 euros/hour

Kids horse riding in Marbella

Kids activities in Marballa Posted on 03 Oct, 2017 23:02:05

My girls love horse riding. They are 11 and 7 year old. Every time we are in Marbella we need to go for a horse riding lesson. It is now a tradition. We found a very good teacher (Francisco). A young guy who speaks very little English but has a great understanding of what my girls like and how experienced they are. First lesson was in a closed arena. Second time we went for riding in the mountains. Price is 30 euros/hour. They have English speaking teachers as well.
They also have a restaurant. But that should not be the reason for the visit 🙂

Name of place: Hacienda Montemaria
Less than 10 min from Marbella center. Exit to Altos de Marbella / Marbella Hospital
Call in advance for booking: 616 60 96 20. Normally best after 17.00