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What to do in Marbella

What to do in Marbella

We have now been non-resident apartment owners for 3 years in Marbella. We have two kids and constantly try to find new events in Marballa and the local area that we can explore and recommend our guests to get the most out of their vacation stay.

Please add and recommend events that we are still lacking to explore.

/Philip Knudsen

Zoo de Castellar

Kids activities in Marballa Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 21:12:24

This is no.1 priority for the kids. I have never been to a zoo where you get this close and interactive with the animals. They once had a white baby tiger which you could stroke. Last time a baby panther.
Not a commercial place like Selwo parks.

About 1 hour from Marbella – but worth the ride.

Expect to spend 3-4 hours there.


Opening hours: 10-20

Butterfly park Benalmadena

Kids activities in Marballa Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 20:59:20

The park is very small. But it is very interesting – for both kids and adults. But expect to spend 1-2 hours max.
I was so lucky that one of the big butterflies landed on my nose.
It is not cheap taking the size of the park into consideration. But perfect on a rainy day.


Crocodile park

Kids activities in Marballa Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 20:54:26

The kids like it. But I like it even more! Good entertainment for all ages. The kids can even have photo holding a crocodile baby. It is not a big park. Expect to use max 2 hours there. It is right next to the water park. So could be combined.

Opening hours: 11-17

Marbella Lighthouse beach

Free activities in Marbella Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 20:47:47

We have our favourite. The beach next to Marbella Lighthouse. Protected against big wave and a really nice and sandy beach. Right next to Marbella promenade and all the restaurants if you need an ice cream or a pizza lunch.

Google map (link)


Marbella entertainment Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 20:40:36

Some like it. Some don’t. It is a part of the culture. But don’t bring your kids.
There is a bullring close to center of Marbella city and close to the big shopping center La Canada. Every summer season on Sundays there is a bullfighting in the city. You notice posters all over Marbella promoting the event – Plaza del toros

  • The Marbella Bullring holds 9,500 spectators. It has eight access gates, but the parking area is quite small. Far from the historic district, it can be accessed from road N-340.
  • In the summer, there are ‘novilladas’ on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. Tickets can be bought at the box office or the stand on Paseo de la Alameda (average price: €30).
  • In the first half of June, Marbella celebrates its major fiesta: St Bernabé’s Festival. The festival’s highlight is on 11 June, when they commemorate the Reconquista of the city. From noon to 7:00 p.m., the town’s streets get filled with people dancing and enjoying themselves. During the festival, there are bullfights every day at 7:00 p.m.
  • Can be accessed from Autovía del Mediterráneo (A-7; former N-340) or Autopista de la Costa del Sol (AP-7). Once there, drive along Avenida del Duque de Lerma and then Avenida de la Reina Victoria, leading to the bullring (Google:


Marbella Sports Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 20:34:08

Nothing like a good tennis match. Many opportunities close to our
penthouse rental

Just 5 min walk from the resort.

Play one hour for 10 euros. Rockets and balls in addition.

Call +34661115284 to make a reservation.

10 min. drive from Marbella in direction of Malaga on A7 you
will find EL ROSARIO. Here is Royal Tennis Club Marbella. Also a little more expensive. But there is a broader selection surfaces.

Reservation: +34 952 83 76 51

Opening hours: 8-22

Puerto Banus walk and shopping

Free activities in Marbella Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 20:06:02

This is 10 min. drive from Marbella. Concentration of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bugatti is huge. You will also find all the high-end shops in this street. But the ferries or yacht sizes you will find here is the most amazing. Great night life with many bars. Also good for an evening walk combined with dinner. Not as expensive as you would expect.

Marbella Old Town

Free activities in Marbella Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 19:59:39

This is the best of Marbella and a must if you combine it with a walk and dinner at the Orange Square. Many good restaurants. Many orange trees in the streets. Nothing better than the smell of the orange tree flowers.

Sierra Navada

Free activities in Marbella Posted on 05 Oct, 2017 16:48:11

Wanna try skiing in south of Spain? Except for summer season this is actually possible. It is a two hour drive from Marbella. First you hit Malaga, then Granada and the very top: Sierra Navada. Lots of signs on the way and a beutiful drive through the mountains. Usually not a one day trip. It should be combined with Granada. Most fantastic and beautiful city just taking a walk in the city. Normally combined with Alhambra castle. That alone is ½ to full day visit.